7 Red

7 Red

Although it is tempting to launch into this review of 7Red by focusing on its look-and-feel, which is uniquely saucy, we think it would be best to cover the benefits right away.

You should know beforehand whether 7RED dishes out enough deals for reading any further, right!

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The Member Benefits

  • On your first deposit you get a 100% cash-match, worth as much as £100. This 100% is standard bonus money nowadays, so you’re well covered here.
  • In a very fair twist, 7Red makes its basic VIP status start as soon as you make a deposit of at least £100 on a weekend. There are two other levels, and they give you things like lifetime 10% kickbacks on all your deposits.
  • There’s an additional £150 up for grabs, like at an open bar, during 7Red Happy Hours. At the traditional Happy times it’s a snack of nice 10% cash matches on your deposits.
  • There is an additional 100% cash-back bonus given to you for playing Blackjack during the weekends, all you Blackjack lovers out there.
  • £25 is what you get as a thank-you whenever you turn on a buddy to 7Red. How nice, too, because you then have a friend to play with on that same referral bonus cash!

All the Basics Covered

Okay, next is to tell you all the things that you can cross off your checklist of details for deciding to sign up at a new online casino. Probably the two most important considerations are games and OS compatibility.

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7Red scores high on both those. The games you find here are not from just one game maker, but a few, and this keeps things very fresh. This increased selection has pretty much become the norm for premium online casinos today.

One supplier of top games, IGT, is partly responsible for this trend. Ever since it launched a game platform that could run alongside any other maker’s, we have been finding much more selection at all the top destinations. Big casinos like Virgin were among the first to begin running multiple game brands, raising the bar for all sites.

Compatibility for Android? No Problem!

As far as compatibility goes, we as Android users (on phones or tablets) have nothing to worry about. 7Red games are ready to play from your Web browser, rather than from an app on your device. This is the wave of the future for 2013, and there are a number of benefits.

For one, you don’t have to download apps anymore, or update them, or delete them. Also, there is increased performance and better gameplay. There are absolutely no compatibility headaches playing across different systems (Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry) with a play-in-the-browser game.

Lastly, the style of this site. … Well, we really think it would be better for you to set eyes on it yourself. All we should tell you, is that it will probably make you blush!

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