A Lesson in Wagering Requirements

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It’s only natural to look at the headline numbers and assume you’re getting a great deal, but sometimes you will find that it’s not so great when you look beneath the surface. No deposit bonuses, welcome offers, and free spins are available throughout the marketplace, so it helps to understand how to judge these on their true value. You can use this special feature as guidance for doing so in the future.

The Basics of Requirements

Wagering requirements dictate how many times you have to play-through bonus funds before they can be withdrawn from a casino. As an example, you would need to complete £300 worth of wagering on a £10 bonus with 30x requirements. However, things can get slightly more complicated in the subsections below.

Combined Funds

Casino sites often combine deposits, bonuses, and winnings before applying their play-through requirements. Therefore, you need to check what the requirements apply to. For instance, 20x requirements might seem like a good deal, but not when you also have to clear those on a combined value.

Capped winnings

No deposit bonuses and free spins are more likely to feature a cap on winnings. Please bear in mind that you might be restricted to £10 to £30 of winnings when using those bonuses.

Minimum Withdrawals

There are times when casino players are met with disappointment when they come to withdraw their winnings from a free offer. In some instances, a casino will require players to request a minimum withdrawal of, for example, £30 or else it will not be approved.

Cashable vs Non-cashable

This is a case of potential vs reality, with cashable bonuses giving players the ability to eventually withdraw the funds as cash, but the truth is that the enormous wagering requirements make this very difficult. Meanwhile, non-cashable bonuses usually have much smaller wagering requirements, but restrict winnings and be removed upon withdrawal.

Tips for Judging Wagering Requirements

To finish off this guide, we are going to share some of the most important tips for judging if you are getting a good deal with bonus requirements:

    • Always check the terms and conditions: The moment you overlook the terms and conditions you will be at risk of encountering disappointment in the future, such as expiry dates.
    • Search for key terms: Use the search function in your web browser to quickly identify terms like “requirements”, “minimum”,  and “cashable”. This will save you from reading through potentially thousands of words.
    • Use a calculator: Don’t be afraid of using the calculator on your smartphone. You can enter your planned deposit and potential bonus before applying the play-through requirements. For example, a £10 deposit plus £20 bonus and 40x requirements equals £1,200 worth of wagering.
    • Don’t overlook non-cashable bonuses: In the example above, it’s tough to clear £1,200 worth of wagering. Therefore, you should not overlook non-cashable bonuses that disappear when you withdraw. They might only be worth £10 to £20, but at least the winnings are easier and quicker to earn.

Wagering requirements can seem complex when you first delve into the terms and conditions, but this guide will give you a helping hand.

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