Android OS Compatibility

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Without going into the reasons why, there may be situations in which you may want to essentially ‘unlock’ your Android device, not directly, but effectively because you may use a non-market app on it. For example, with most real money casino applications you have to download direct from the operator’s website instead of Google Play.

Enabling Unknown Sources

The idea is fairly simple, once you know that Android by default is set to block all non-Market apps from installing. But you can change that setting manually. This may vary a little from one smartphone to the next and on a few it will be impossible without “rooting” your phone’s operating system (see this guide). Usually it will mean three or four taps:

Settings > Application settings > check Unknown Sources

Now your device has been unlocked to alternative apps that you may download, but this means you’re on your own. It’s up to you to ensure your own safety with anything you install and use. You can download files of the .apk extension (program set up files), but you must proceed carefully.

Call of the Wild

(No not Go Wild ;).)

You never know how apps will be rooting in your system, perhaps changing directories or internal structures without your knowledge. Best to run a good antivirus program like the free Avast app — such a program can at least alert you when apps are up to no good.

Top Tip: Once you have downloaded your .apk file from outside the marketplace, go back into Settings and disable Unknown Sources again.

You know, there’s a new way of doing things at the mobile scale with respect to video and games that will probably spell the end of Flash, and begin the demise of this practice of having to download, install and update apps. We all want the extra space on our devices for taking pictures, storing music and watching videos.

The Return of HTML Nerds

The new way is called HTML 5, which will enable us to do almost everything in one place, our Android browser. Windows 8 Phone is already getting mileage from its Internet Exporer’s HTML 5 integrations.

The newest version of Android is also forging ahead into new mobile territory, with these exciting features:

  • External flat screen integration (making Android a game console)
  • Acceptance of popular game controllers (Sony PS, Xbox, et al)
  • Adoption of HTML 5 video

This is the direction of the entire online multimedia world, toward the simplicity of all-in-browser standards. Google Chrome, Microsoft IE and Firefox will soon be making full use of the HTML 5 standard, leaving behind the plug-in system.

Humans Following the Androids

Crazy as it seems,  most of the 70% (or so) of Android’s market share of active users is coming off its numbers for devices running the next to last version of Android, called Gingerbread (v2), whereas the very latest operating system update is in its fourth generation.

And that means that the world is about to have a huge mobile upgrade, if only the electronics firms that use Android could get their users’ systems updated quicker. As it is, newer versions of this open-source OS from Google are appearing on phones, lapping phones still running prior releases.

From the players’ perspective, the situation for the evolution of Android mobile casinos is exciting because development runs wild, but frustrating when we have to wait for the marketplace to catch up.

But it’s a mobile world, more and more, so these patience-trying early days are bound to end. Samsung Galaxy, even Kindle Fire and Microsoft Surface (on Windows 8), with significant numbers of users each, will force Android Jelly Bean into wider circulation. 2012/13 could be the most astonishing period for mobile technology, by the sheer forces of competition, as Apple and Windows both challenge Android domination.

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