Baccarat Apps on Android

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If there’s one thing everyone wants to try in a casino it’s a card game, there’s a misconception that card games are this incredibly professional pastime, requiring skill and courage to bluff your way to victory. Although this is probably true for the likes of poker, for games like Baccarat and Blackjack, it’s a far more relaxed affair with your only real decision being to have another card drawn or not. This is why Baccarat apps tend to be so popular; it has all the flair of a professional game but without requiring the additional player skill.

How to Play

When it comes to actually playing it, Baccarat is pretty straight forward as the goal of the game is to get a hand that’s closer to nine than dealers. The number cards represent the values that they have on them whilst face cards represent zero. Baccarat features a rule that only the last digit of the total is what counts, so say you were to get a six and a seven, you wouldn’t get thirteen, your total would be three, hence why it can be difficult to get to nine. There are a variety of different ways to play Baccarat, from the standard mode described above to the iconic Punto Banco mode. Punto Banco behaves the exact same way as the ordinary game but you can also use the Aces to represent one, also this mode comes with a series of different house edges that can affect the overall return to player (RTP). For example wagering that a player will win the round will pay out with odds of 1:1 and the house has an edge of 1.36%, whereas betting that the banker will win has the highest payout odds of 19:20 with a lower house advantage of 1.05%.

How to learn

Although this may seem a little complicated at first, Baccarat is actually relatively easy once you understand it. But should you feel you need to practice it first, then why not watch a few matches online or check out how-to guides. Or if you prefer a more hands on approach, you could download one of countless free mobile Baccarat apps to practice whilst you’re out and about before you move onto any real money mobile Baccarat games. Should you not have an Android phone or smart device that can run them, don’t worry there are a lot of casino websites that offer the chance to play Baccarat for free in a demo mode.

Where to Play

There’s a are a ton of different places to play Baccarat, it’s a fairly old card game so almost every casino website out there allows you to play it in some form or another. 32 Red for example allows you to play the standard form of Baccarat as well as High Limit Baccarat and Baccarat Gold, plus 32Red also has a casino app you could use to play Baccarat on using your smart device.

But best of all 32 Red has a great sign up bonus when you create an account with them, new users can get a no deposit bonus of £10 for just registering an account as well as £32 free for every £10 that’s deposited, getting you some real mileage out of your money.

Although it’s not all sunshine and smiles with this game because there are some downsides. When it comes to playing it on mobile the payout amounts can be a little limited because obviously it’s not a good idea to have large payout values appearing on your mobile in public, where someone could easily steal your android phone from you. So why not try out alternate methods to win larger amounts, like Blackjack for example, this behaves roughly the same way as Baccarat only you have to get to twenty one first rather than nine.

Like Baccarat, the majority of casino sites provide players with the ability to play Blackjack at will. So when it comes to online gaming, whether it’s Blackjack or Baccarat, why not play it on your android, because we all have to admit that winning jackpots whilst you’re out or commuting is an absolutely awesome way to gamble.