Big Fish Mobile Casino

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There’s a shake-up of the online casino world with new developments in the Facebook and Apple app ecosystems, as they say. People swim in and out of these systems that act like communities. Now, gambling is entering the picture, with Big Fish Games generating some powerful new undertow toward ‘social’ features.

History in Motion

Maybe it’s a strong measure of history-in-the-making, too, in many areas of society. There’s the economic crash, which makes politicians more open-minded toward gambling (for its revenues). There’s unprecedented growth in mobile electronics, like a runaway train. Social networking’s momentum is unchecked. There is a new 4G network in the wings.

Already, live dealer casino apps are proliferating, fed by the promise of more bandwidth. At the same time, now, online gaming is going social. No longer will anyone who plays ‘video games’ or mobile casino apps be thought of as loner types.

Card Ace Becomes a New Fish

Big Fish Casino (by its nature a ‘mobile’ game) is the new name for Card Ace Casino. The million+ users of Card Ace are expected to pour directly into the new fish bowl of players, into the Facebook version, into the iOS app’s user base and into the active subscribers at

It becomes the first real-cash casino app to enter the iTune store (in the UK). This news comes on the heels of another big first: Bingo games and Slots Friendzy becoming the first gambling-enabled application in Facebook (UK, once again).

These are full-blown casinos despite the often childish-looking graphics (compared to very serious online cards sites, like They offer Texas Hold ‘em real multi-player poker and even mobile casino slots competition.

Gambling on the Rocks

Both Facebook and Apple iTunes Store, incidentally, are keeping a safe distance from their experiments with allowing gambling. Apple is not even involved with the in-app accounting for Big Fish Casino, although if it were to do there would be loads of money crossing its fingers.

But aside from any cash-handling required for gambling, there may be some confusion in a stark opposition of real money vs ‘social’ casino games: they both require money to play and therefore are forms of gambling (… away one’s money, that is).

In social games, you make in-app purchases of either game tickets or other gift items that can be sent to fellow players, but these credits never lead to a take-home win, just make-believe wins that bring in plenty of game credits.

Also a great brand of cool bingo games, check out Lucky 247 mobile casino.

App Availability

The mobile app for Big Fish Casino in betting mode is only available for Apple devices, as yet. The game is available as a play-for-fun game at the Google Play Store — but it’s a non-cash game everywhere and in every case unless you live in Britain.

The thing is, many game companies have their fingers at the software controls, ready to switch games into real-cash formats the very instant US states legalize online gambling (like Nevada already has).

The difference between Facebook gaming and mobile platforms is diminishing, as the latter adopt more social features or indeed link up with Facebook. Of course, the draw for any gaming company for dropping their wares into the Facebook ocean is the sheer  number of people in the water already.

We Are the New Fish

People are equipped (as a matter of course, for many middle-class people) with Android gadgets, an iPad and/or iPhone, iPod Touch, or, any of a growing variety of non-Apple tablets, some even betting on Windows RT (8) as Nokia has.

We are mobile. Even when at home, we’re using our mobile devices; they go where we go always. Big Fish mobile casino is throwing out its nets to lead us into its waters.