Boku Payments at Android Casinos

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When it comes to making payments online the majority of us stick to debit and credit cards or e-wallets, but one system that’s starting to gain a lot of ground is Boku mobile payments.

What is Boku?

Boku is basically a mobile based transaction system that lets you make simple and above all quick payments for your items using only your phone.

How Does It Work?

Although it may sound complicated and exotic Boku mobile payments are actually pretty simple and straightforward.

There are two main options you’ll encounter.  The first involves picking an item to buy and selecting ‘Pay by Mobile’ at which point you’ll confirm your purchase and you’ll be charged. The other option involves the same process only you have to enter your mobile number and then reply to a special text that will be sent to you.

In both instances the amount you choose to pay is placed on your monthly mobile phone bill which you don’t have to pay for until your contract date tells you to, so it’s great for filling your account with cash when you don’t have any money on you.

What about Alternative Options?

Of course like anything else there are alternative options you can take instead of using the Boku pay by mobile approach.

For example you could use PayPal.  Unlike Boku you can transfer larger amounts of money with this e-wallet and all your cash and sensitive information is kept safe with their secure server system.

Also its instant transfer’s means you can keep on top of what’s leaving or going into your account which differs from Boku as all your charges appear on your phone bill and you can sometimes be caught unaware by charges you weren’t expecting.

However PayPal does have one downside and that is your account can be locked without warning. When this happens you’ll have to go through a long identification process with Customer Service staff to unlock it.

Or if you want to keep things simple you could try Ukash. Using a series of vouchers that come with unique codes Ukash is nearly impossible to compromise. The only downside of using them is that if you lose your voucher your cash could be lost forever.

Sites That Accept Boku Payments

Since its introduction Boku has been rapidly adopted by a large range of Android compatible sites, we’ve selected a couple of the best ones you can try out.

Lady Lucks Bingo:

Making your first deposit on this site will land you a 100% cash match bonus on any amount of up to £250 and when you make your second deposit and you’ll be given another 100% cash match up to £100.

Finally, for your third deposit you’ll receive one final 100% match on anything up to £150 in size.

Moobile Games:

Joining Moobile Games and making that first deposit will land you a 100% cash match on a deposit of up to £150, you’ll also be 100% matched for a second top-up of up to £50 and a third of up to £25.

Elite Mobile Casino:

Create an account on Elite Mobile Casino and you’ll receive £5 free, then when you make your first three deposits you’ll be given a 100% bonus of up to £300 on your first and £250 on a second and third.

Boku mobile payments are growing in popularity at a rapid pace as more and more sites are starting to accept it. So the next time you’re looking into playing on a site with your mobile why not give Boku payments a try.

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