Bookmaker Mobile Casino offers you mobile casino apps for your Android phone and Web-browser-based games to play on your tablet (including a way for your iPad friends to join the fun!).


If you’re the kind of player who does not trust a gambling site too easily, then here is a list of places where Bookmaker has been showcased:

  • CNBC
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Los Angeles Times
  • The Washington Post
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

It’s a major site, a big player in the online casino world, where ‘Old school meets new school’. That’s a nice description, from the website’s header, of how classic casino games have grown into their online versions: a kind of second life keeping up with history.

Range of Apps

Sportsbook, Racebook, Video Poker and Blackjack Casino apps are available for any kind of Android-based smartphone and tablet. To link to those mobile games you simply use your device’s Web browser.

TIP: The easiest way is to have your phone handy when you click the yellow button that says, ‘Fully Compatible – No Download’, which makes the black and white QR code bounce up big: just point your phone at that! It will scan that code and do the rest.

Sober Promotions at Bookmaker

This site does not have the most accessible sign-up bonus scheme around, and yet it is the most generous we’ve ever seen. The reason both those statements are true is that Bookmaker allows up to $2,500 in cash match (at 25%), however, you must deposit at least $300-500 to earn the lowest rank of bonus, a mere 10%. Hmm!

It does appear that Bookmaker is going for a more affluent clientèle  shall we say. Keep in mind that this site is oriented toward horse racing and sports betting, and their casino speciality is poker and real money Blackjack. If you are tired of all these on line casinos with a zillion games, head-spinning-loud graphics and silly cartoons, well then you’ll love the conservative look-and-feel of Bookmaker.

There is a ‘free casino’ but it is apparently more of a sign-up teaser. You’ll see a sample of a fruit machine slot game, and a cards game and so forth, but after a few moments you will be redirected to the sign-up page.


So, it may not be the most impressive welcome package, but, the benefit of Bookmaker’s milieu is that you get a very filtered gambling society, if you like. It stands to reason that on the whole, higher-rollers are more mature players — also more challenging rivals on the table.

The progressive jackpot reaches hundreds of thousands of dollars in payout. With  that you get another benefit of playing at this somewhat wealthier on line casino, not the kind of site to score a quick, huge bonus but become annoyed later by its sophomoric players and schemes.

Bottom line: Bookmaker is a premium site for Android users.