Bovada Instant Casino

In the frenzy we’re all in to find the next killer Android casino app there is another option not to overlook for our tablet gaming fun. Flash.

Flashy Casino App

Flash games can run in a browser window on your Android tablet. This is one nice thing about Android, its Flash compatibility, that remains a big bone of contention for Apple iPad users, who are barred from Flash apps. Find out if your phone has Flash installed using Adobe’s version finder. If you’re still having problems it may mean you need to reinstall it.

This page has more information.

The other cool thing about a Flash ‘instant’ casino game on your tab is that there is no need for you to download any app at all, actually. That means there is no weighing your device down, since you probably use all its memory for music and stuff and would rather not use more of it up.

Enter Bovada Instant Casino is an unusual Web address, but it’s a full blown online casino. It does not offer mobile apps, per se. Yet, and this is the important point to remember: your Android tablet acts more like a small laptop than a phone when it comes to casino gaming. Its larger screen makes Flash in-browser games feasible, just like you were on a computer.

NOTE: To play, your copy of Flash should be version 8 and your screen resolution should support 600 x 800 pixels minimum. Most tablets can do that!

High-Roller Promotions at Bovada

Here’s the run-down on Bovado’s promotional package for new players. First off, the first deposit bonus factor of 100% is pretty standard across today’s mobile cash casinos; it’s the baseline. Most will allow up to $200 in rewards, but Bovada goes much further. You can reap up to $500 with its cash-match benefit.

Once you’re in, there are many great kick backs:

  • Video Poker Wednesday
  • Happy Hour Thursdays
  • Win-Win Fridays
  • Blackjack Sundays
  • Casino Benefits

The weekly events above include up to $200 deposit match bonuses all day long, 2-for-1 specials, loyalty points and so forth. It’s a packed schedule of bonuses all week long.

Now, this sort of promotions array is good for the casino, because it keeps us coming back throughout the week. But it’s also good for us, when you consider that we get incentives to gain practice and become better players at real Blackjack, Poker, or what have you. That means we’re more hawkish patrons — so watch out, Bovada!

Sharp Graphics for Your Screen

Finally, let’s go over what you can expect on the screen, the graphics, games the underlying site. Bovada is appealing to people who may be new to the Web-based versions of casino games, so there’s plenty of help. ‘Download or Instant Play — You choose, and we’ll walk you through it.’ The site is ultra slick. Its clean, glassy finish is graced by sumptuous pictures — no cartoon mascots or tomfoolery.

The Instant Casino window will load on its own. You’ll see a well-organized lobby, where you can either bet or practice. The animations are snappy and tight. When your game loads, there is useful information about it below. The Blackjack table, for instance, is clean and easy to view. Control buttons line the bottom and the cards are super easy to read. No one will have any reason to gripe about the quality of these games.

In fact, you’ll probably start singing praises about Bovada on your Android tablet!