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In the last couple of years the mobile market has exploded in popularity to the point where almost every casino game out there has been ported to a mobile device in some shape or form.

With new devices being created almost every year the mobile bingo and casino genre is an industry that’s not slowing down.

Is There A Difference Between Mobile and Casino Site Games?

When casino site games are ported to a mobile platform there are inevitably going to be changes made to it, this isn’t a bad thing though as it’s mainly done to improve compatibility and ensure the game works well.

One of the biggest differences you will notice when you use mobile bingo sites with casino side games is that the games, the slots specifically, have a more slimmed down appearance. This has been done to compensate for the smaller phone screens, so buttons are often removed or altered to fit the screen.

Also, this in turn prevents you from accidently tapping options or tabs you wouldn’t normally do if you had a keyboard and mouse.

Another difference is that these games tend to run a little faster than their website counterparts. This is because your mobiles entire processor is dedicated to running your game whilst with a PC it’s spread between the game and different tabs you’re using.

What Software Do They Use?

The mobile casino games use the same software as their website counterparts only there’s been a few tweaks to make them more stable for mobile. So you will still have games that are run by the likes of Dragonfish, Playtech etc…

What Games Are Offered?

The majority of mobile bingo side games that you will find on a casino site are available on a mobile device.

Developers of these games have been on top of the demand for mobile gaming so you will still get to enjoy a wide range of slots, instant win and table games. Plus there are also a few live casino games making the jump to mobile.

However, some of the older games haven’t quite made it to mobile yet. The software is a little outdated and so a lot of them have been left by the wayside. But, on the bright side there are still tons of modern and more recent games to enjoy.

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Tablet Compatible Bingo Sites

Since these kinds of portable games have become so popular with mobile game enthusiasts there are lots of different websites to choose to get your casino game fix on. Below is a small selection of the best sites you can play on.

Cheers Bingo:

For a first deposit of £10 on this site you will be given £20 to play with. Plus after you make that deposit you will be able to spin their prize wheel to win between £5 and £2,500.

Wink Bingo:

Make your first deposit of at least £5 on this site and they will give you a 250% bonus to let you maximise your money. Then after you’ve put in some cash you can spin their prize wheel to earn between £15 and £1,000 guaranteed.


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Mobile casino games are always going to be popular especially in this modern, technology focused world. With new devices almost constantly in development the era of portable gaming will exciting to watch!

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