Cleopatra Casino Slots App

It’s rare that you find a casino app that manages to be both rewarding and incredibly entertaining to play but the Cleopatra Casino app manages to tick all the required boxes that make a downloadable mobile app great.


Developed by HUUUGE GAMES the Cleopatra Casino app features an exciting ancient Egypt themed design that uses various Egyptian paraphernalia to immerse you in this once great and mysterious culture.

So with that in mind throughout this game you can expect to see stereotypical items like Pharaohs, a Sphinx, golden sarcophaguses and other ancient iconography throughout the apps homepage. But it’s not just the homepage, even some of this app’s slots and other entertaining side games have been given an Egyptian makeover.

Available on both Android and iPhone devices one of the best features of this mobile app is that it’s just for fun so you won’t have to spend a single penny to play it.

Since it’s played just for fun the bets that you place in the Cleopatra free casino app will be rewarded with special in-game credits that you can then trade for other game items like cards or extra bonuses later. Or if you don’t fancy spending hours grinding away at this game you can also use in-app purchases to buy some extra credits that you can then spend how you like.


Using this app will certainly make you feel like the cat that’s got the cream as there are lots of fun games to try out.

For starters there’s superb slot games like the spectacular Pharaoh slots which features 30 paylines, an intriguing mystery bonus, lots of stacked symbols and the chance to win tons of free credits in its Risk bonus round.

Or why not try out the Cleopatra slot game that the app is based around. Featuring 5 reels and 25 paylines to play across this slot comes with a set of sticky Wilds that will drastically increase your chances of winning colossal credit prizes. But if you’re not that into slot games then you don’t have to worry as this isn’t solely a free Android casino slots app because it’s also got some other great side games to play.

Why not try out one of their classic casino games like Video Poker that comes in both Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. But that’s not all because this brilliant mobile app also comes with the ability to play Blackjack as well as a couple of neat scratchcards so you can get your classic card game fix whenever you want.


Overall this mobile casino app is absolutely fantastic; it features an interesting design that’s beautiful in every aspect, from the golden gilding in the slots to the imposing Pyramids that appear in some of the slot reels.

There’s a substantial list of games available to try out and best of all it’s free, so you can spend hours playing it without worrying about spending all your cash.