Conquer Mobile Casino

Conquer Mobile Casino

Conquer Casino is one of the internet’s most popular sites for people that like to play mobile games, slots, blackjack, and roulette for real money and in an attempt to hold onto their ranking they just introduced an app specifically for android smart phone users. The android operating system is the world’s most widely used software on mobile devices and it is produced by Google and given away for free to smart phone manufacturers like Samsung. Below we are going to review their new system and tell you exactly what we think about, even if that means we need to say a few things that the executives at Conquer Casino will not want to hear.

Ease of Instillation – As most smart phone users already know, some android apps are past the point of being ridiculous difficult to install. Thankfully, the creators of this app fully understood that and developed a system that requires little more than the clicking of the download button and it installs itself without any other input from the user. Because of that, in this section of our review we are going to give them 5-Stars out of a possible 5, installation is that straightforward.

Promotions and Bonuses – Conquer Casino offers a first time deposit bonus of £200 and they are also well known for sending out emails promoting their redeposit bonuses, which can be quite lucrative. One of their regular promotions is called “Monday Madness” and as you might have guessed on each Monday they will match your deposit up to £50. Another cool thing that they always do is on the weekends is reward the players that accumulate the most VIP points by giving away £100, £75, and £50 for the top three spots.


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Reliability – The last thing anybody wants right after they put £20 into a slot machine and the wheels start spinning, is to lose your internet connection. That being said, a few of our testers did lose their connection while they were riding in a car that was moving rather quickly. Other than that, the android app worked flawlessly when our reviewers were stationary. Because of the connectivity issues we could only give the app 3-Stars.

Realistic Games – If you have a tiny smart phone screen and believe that your online gambling experience is going to be similar to what it would be if you were using your desktop computer sitting in front of a 21” flat-screen, you are going to be disappointed. That being said, if you have realistic expectations, then you should be more than satisfied with this app. Virtually every game we tested looked and performed just like it did on their website, which of course is fantastic. However, there were some sizing issues, so in this part of the review we could only give the 4-Stars. You might also be interested in Mobile Poker for Android!

Ease of Operation – If you use your smart phone to send out text messages all of the time, you will not have any problems using this app. Since most of our initial testers were long-time smart phone owners, we thought it would be a good idea to bring in a few people that were not quite as experienced in this area, and we need to inform you that most of them did experience some problems using the app. But then again, a person that does not have that much experience with a smart phone is normally not going to try and start gambling on it. So, after a little bit of debate, we finally decided to give Conquer Casino 5-Stars in this section.

Overall Rating – Coming up with a final rating was not as easy as you might have expected. All of our highly experienced smart phone users wanted to give it a 5-Star rating. At the other end of the spectrum were our testers who were using a smart phone for the first time, and they only wanted to give it 3-Stars. So, our editors were forced to intervene and after discussing it for a few days, they decided that Conquer Casino’s android app deserved 4-Stars, which is not too shabby.

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