Elite Casino on Mobile


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Finally, we’re seeing some viable options in the world of luxury class online casinos. You knew that was coming, yeh! Take for example, Elite Mobile Casino, which runs this by-line: ‘Play in Style, Win Anywhere.’

Let’s rub that brass and silver, to see the true mettle of this place.

The High-Roller Allure

What do you actually see when you go to elitemobilecasino.com? You see folds of red velvet curtains in the background. All the buttons and window frames, so to speak, are gold or silver. You see elegant swirls engraved into black.

We tend to see a high-roller pattern in the deposit-bonus schemes here, too. Check it out — you can get:

  • Up to £800 in 100% cash match over your first few deposits
  • By-invitation VIP CLUB
  • £20 friend-referral kick-backs

But that’s about it. This is high-roller style, remember.

Instead of the standard £100 maximum cash-match per deposit at most casinos, EliteCasino gives you up to £300. On the second bonus, also, you’re getting at least a hundred pounds more than most other places. And, so on.

That must be tailored for higher-budget players. But since you do not have to deposit the max, and this is the Web so no fancy attire is required, really anyone can enjoy this high-style chic. Don’t miss to check out ‘Real-Money apps’

Dearth of Games

The games are going to look familiar to you because they are not made by Elite exclusively — you have seen the titles below at other casinos. They’re the Probability slots and card games that you know and love:

  • Way of the Slot
  • War Zone
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack

In all, there are 7 mobile games for you at Elite Casino. Seven, and only seven. There’s no Poker, which is very odd. No keno. No craps. No varieties of Roulette or Blackjack. Discover more Blackjack games, read this review.

Hm! Now, if you were to open Elite in a browser window and next to it another browser window containing a hard-core casino like Casino.com, BetVictor, Mr Green and so on, we think that EliteMobileCasino would not look more elite than those.

We Should All Be a Little …

We’re suspicious of an establishment that claims that luxury finish, but only backs it up with deposit bonuses and the chance at being a VIP (if you deposit enough), and that will merely bring bigger deposit bonuses. That’s a lot of bonus cash to spend on a mere 7 games. Elite looks like a rather sparse casino, indeed.

True, there are some very active social network feeds associated with Elite: you can tune into it on Twitter, Facebook and its blog. All of those will most surely yield you extra deposit bonuses. (Pst — but, there are only 7 games.)

True, there is the full range of payment options, including safe alternatives to using a credit or debit card. True, you can make smallish payments, up to £10 only, using your phone bill. (But hey — there are only 7 games!)

We’re positive you’ll have a good time inside Elite’s polished scene, mainly on the strength of its tiny Probability game portfolio. But that’s not saying much, in today’s market for online gambling, in which we can all be very picky.

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