Fantastical Fairytale Slots at Intouch Casinos

Intouch Games is a rare commodity in the UK casino industry, considering that the company develops in-house gaming software exclusively for its very own mobile brands. Meanwhile, Intouch slots are also available exclusively to each of the company’s brands, which means you cannot play them anywhere else. Take these fine fairytale slots, for example.

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Hansel and Gretel Slot

Hansel and Gretel is one of the newest Intouch slots and it’s based on the fairytale of two children who ventured into a forest before being led by food to the house of wicked old witch.

In this slot, Intouch has designed the five reels to be constructed with food symbols dangling from branches from above across 15 paylines. Aside from the base game, players will also be given opportunities to win from the progressive jackpot, free spins, and two bonus rounds.

Play at mFortune: Hansel and Gretel is out now at mFortune. You can visit this Android casino site and download the free app along with a £5 no deposit bonus.

Little Red Riding Reels

Next up on this fairytale adventure is the Little Red Riding Reels slot. Obviously, this is based on Little Red Riding Hood, who travelled through spooky woods to deliver food to her grandmother. To shake things up, a scary wolf in disguise has replaced her grandmother.

Little Red Riding Reels is another ambitious attempt from Intouch. Fundamentally, this five-reel slot offers an array of special features, including two mini-games that are set in the fairytale forest of the story. Bringing this back down to earth, this five-reel slot has 15 paylines along with free spins.

Play at mFortune: This exclusive philosophy of Intouch means that Little Red Riding Reels can only be played at mFortune. Newbies can elect to claim a 100% match bonus.

Alice in Wongaland

Alice in Wonderland is arguably the best-known of these fairytales. For the most part, people will know the story of Alice travelling down a rabbit hole and into Wonderland.

Intouch’s Alice in Wongaland slot bears the same high visual standards as the other slots in this collection. In fact, there are even more impressive depicted in the two bonus games. Other similarities are the five reels and progressive jackpot, but this time there are 20 paylines.

Play at PocketWin: This time, you will have to visit PocketWin Casino to play Alice in Wongaland. You can start your adventure with a £5 free bonus.

Sinbad Slots of Gold

Sinbad the Sailor is a fairytale character that sailed the seas around Africa and Asia while encountering all sorts of magical adventures and fearsome monsters.

This source material is under-utilised among casino software developers, so Intouch has made a smart choice in making its Sinbad Slots of Gold slot. Sinbad features super-cool visuals while playing this five-reel progressive slot with 20 paylines. Make sure to stick around for the mini-games.

Play at PocketWin: After claiming the £5 bonus, you can up the ante with a £100 welcome offer on your first deposit.

There are many more fairytale themes out there, but it’s clear that Intouch casinos have some of the finest.

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