Hit It Rich App

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There have been a lot of concerns lately that Zynga was starting to go under since they were being unusually quiet but their latest release has proved that the developer is anything but finished. Their Hit it Rich casino app has seen Zynga receive almost unparalleled success in terms of individual downloads and the rate of increase in people joining their player base since the app launched.


As a new Zynga free slots app, Hit it Rich is already making waves in the gaming community thanks to its high quality slot games that have seen the app net up to 2.1 million unique visitors per month.

A great feature of this app that’s perhaps why it’s so popular with casino fans is that it’s categorised as being ‘just for fun’ so you can play it without having to spend a single penny. In return for your time playing on the app, you’ll be rewarded with special in-game credits that you can use to level up your account from Pewter to Platinum through a unique loyalty program.

The higher your level the more bonuses you can get like coin purchases for example or access to exclusive content. You can even use coins you’ve earned to swap for items and other bonuses like gifts that you can then send on to your friends.


When it comes to things to play this app certainly knows how to provide you with a treasure trove of top titles to try out.

For starters you could try and stop the machines from taking over in the terrific Terminator slots app that comes with a variety of fun features and interesting bonus rounds that can land you colossal credit prizes.

Or why not see if you can rekindle some of that romance with Mr Big in the official Sex and the City slots app. Chill out with everyone’s favourite ladies from the cult TV show whilst playing around with some interesting bonus rounds.

Finally why not go on a quest to stop the Wicket Witch of the West in the always popular Wizard of Oz slot game. With a set of inventive bonus rounds that involve the iconic movie cast this slot is always worth trying out.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to games with this app as they have a wide selection of slots that cover movies and other areas of pop culture.


Overall the Hit it Rich casino app is absolutely amazing, it’s got a great selection of high quality games that come in a variety of different themes. Its loyalty program is also a particular favourite feature as it works as a great incentive for you to keep playing to earn more bonuses and perks.

Finally the fact that it’s free to play means you can happily spend hours spinning away on your favourite slot without having to worry about spending any of your hard earned cash.