How to Play Slots More Effectively

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Online casino tips are often shared among friends, and most of us know someone who boasts about their roulette system. When, in reality, they struck it lucky once and won’t shut up about it. The best casino tips are designed to help you improve your edge for long-term gains.

Six Tips to Sharpen Your Slot Play

Slots don’t work like video games because there is no skill involved. Instead, you need to be able practice strategic decision-making. Here, you can get some helpful tips for playing slot games more effectively:

  1. Activate all paylines: You should play with all paylines active, even if you have to lower your bets, as you will miss out on winnings. You might as well play a slot with fewer paylines if that’s what you feel more comfortable with.
  2. Play low variance slots properly: If the symbol multipliers are in the low hundreds, then you are playing a low variance slot. As such, you can gain frequent wins, but they will be slow. You could wager higher to benefit from a run of wins.
  3. Play high variance slots properly: These slots have high multipliers and the winnings are less frequent than with low variance. Be mindful of your budget because you could lose heavily with high wagering if you encounter a cold streak.
  4. Be wary of no special features: An absence of features will mean your winnings come from the base game. If the multipliers are low, then this is unlikely to be a slot that surprises you with a sudden big win.
  5. Wait for the special features: These are much easier to trigger than the top symbol combinations. Budget if you have to, as free spins or a bonus round could deliver a handsome return for little effort on your part.
  6. Progressive jackpots are like winning the lottery: The chances of winning a progressive are slimmer than matching five of the best symbols in a standard slot. Sure they are appealing, but the slot must also be appealing in its core gameplay.

Video Slots to Practise On

Moving forward, you can now starting integrating the slot tips from above into your gaming strategies. First, why not get started by practising on one of these slot games?

  • Guns N’ Roses [at Lucky Admiral]: Even if you don’t like Guns N’ Roses, you are certain to love the bonus features and mini games. These can spring from nowhere and are very rewarding.
  • Beehive Bedlam Reactors [at Top Dog Slots]: This combination of slot and instant game has a progressive jackpot, but your focus should be on the several special features instead.
  • Starburst [at Lucky Admiral]: Look at the paytable to see that Starburst lacks in bonus rounds, special features, and high multipliers. However, you will be able to target effective winnings because the slot allows you to win both ways.

Thank you for reading another of our player guides. Why not get in touch to share any of your own tips for playing slots?

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