Jack Gold Mobile Casino

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JackGold Mobile Casino for Android is a Microgaming property with an interesting design. On the homepage you start from a game-selection screen. This site is very straightforward, despite its stylish brushed steel graphics and overall polish.

The Jack Bonus

The welcome bonus is also quite basic, at 100% cash match. There is one extraordinary side-bonus: you’re entered once in the house’s draw for a 1Kg bar of pure gold. We’ve never seen that anywhere else — yet.

In fact, the enticement of winning gold somehow is laced throughout the JackGold promotions:

  • Gold Dust Recon: double ‘gold dust’ points

  • Golden Apple Draw: win an iPad mini

Aside from those positive features, and signs that this appears to be a respectable Microgaming site otherwise, we do have some reservations about Jack Gold.

Credit Cards Only

Whereas most Android casino sites have a long row of accepted payment methods displayed at the bottom of its pages, including more than simply credit or debit cards, Jack Gold has just two: Visa and Mastercard.

Do you want to see a convenient alternative to payment? See here

Booo, Jack! We feel this is pretty much unacceptable. Although we have checked this site out for its reliability, and its high-quality games from one of the best suppliers in the world, JackGold’s lack of alternative payment and withdrawal methods is a serious issue.

NOTE: We expect the site to self-correct this year, because it will find too much competition from sites with much better options.

Can it Compete?

Next, we normally see sites that have special points of value — like unique games made in-house or unusually large selections of game brands — scale back the welcome bonuses to compensate. They have the right to do that, in some sense.

But Jack Gold seems to be claiming something special, too — and we just don’t see that added value. Perhaps members feel a positive difference in time, as they’re offered bonuses tailored to them that we can’t know about from the outside. We just hope so!

One game supplier, Microgaming, and a fairly flat casino site (we see very little evidence of a community here, other than its social network links) is no longer a very strong option in today’s online casino entertainment marketplace. See another superb site from Microgaming, click here

Putting it in Perspective

Still, if Microgaming’s ultra-reaslistic table-game graphics and hits like TombRaider are what you love, and you normally use a credit card (shame on you!), and, you couldn’t give a flying leap about community — then you could feel very comfortable at Jack Gold.

And hey, if you simply adore gold and want a way to win it whenever you play casino games, then voila, this is the only place for you register.

We’re going to be tracking JackGold’s progress this year. We think this casino concept has a great start, and kudos to it for trying a novel layout. It’s a good bet for players who don’t want to be too choosy and who find that there’s just something about JackGold’s presentation that makes sense to them. See more free real games here