Meet the Five Biggest Casino Cheaters

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Casinos offer tremendous possibilities when it comes to trying to turn a little into a lot, but the honest truth is that most players who raise their ambitions to high will end up losing. However, some players are playing a different game where they are actively trying to scam real-life casinos out of millions.

5. Edward Thorp

Edward Thorp earns his place because he is widely considered to be the father of card counting, having used compute technology to refine his approach. Thorp earned $11,000 [£9,000] in his first weekend testing the theory, but that was enough for him an he decided to reach a book telling other people how to beat dealers.

4. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

This next story is of Spanish casino cheater Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, who worked as a record producer before becoming a millionaire scammer. Garcia-Pelayo managed to figure out that roulette wheels had imperfections that caused some numbers to appear more than others. He would record results for hours in refining his strategy that eventually took Las Vegas for $2 million [£1.64 million].

3. Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Tommy Glenn Carmichael is one of the longest-running casino cheaters, having completed scams over more than four decades since starting in the 1960s. Carmichael had been working in a Las Vegas-based TV repair when his crime career began through stealing coins from slot machines.

It would not be until 1985 when Carmichael was imprisoned for breaking into slot machines. While locked up, Carmichael productively used his time to devise a new tool that would help him steal $10,000 [£8,200] a day.

2. JP Massar

JP Massar had card-counting skills and managed to enlist the help of other talented students in the Boston area. Known as the MIT blackjack team, they performed numerous casino scams in Atlantic City in the late 1970s and early 1980s. This story was even told as a Hollywood film when 21 was released back in 2008, albeit with some elaborations added to the story.

1. Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus is world-renowned for his ability to cheat casinos, having defrauded them out of more than $12 million [£9.86 million]. Initially, Marcus started out by trying to play legally in Las Vegas, but trying to earn an honest living in the casino saw him eventually left him homeless on the streets.

In 1976, Marcus found his feet again after managing to find work as a blackjack dealer, but the casino that employed him would come to regret this decision, as it opened Marcus’ eyes to possibilities of cheating casinos.

Marcus would later meet a man called Joe Klassen, who would make him an apprentice in a group scheme. Back then, the team started out by using a casino cheating method called “past posting”, whereby players would place bets after they knew the result, but this was only possible because there were almost now video cameras back then.

Please remember that land-based and online casinos maintain a zero tolerance on cheating. These stories are merely for entertainment and should be enjoyed for their historic value.