Microgaming is Leading VR Casino Development

Online casinos come a long way in their technical development. Going back several years, there were doubts that mobile would ever overtake and desktop and that live dealers would not stand the test of time. However, both concepts have blossomed and have even come together. Looking to the horizon, the next major innovation seems like it could be VR online casinos, with Microgaming leading the development charge.

Already Winning Innovation Awards

Microgaming has already won multiple awards for its VR casino development, and that’s without the content even being available yet. Back in September 2015, the software provider won the Digital Gaming Innovation award at the Global Gaming Awards for its VR development.

In early February 2016, Microgaming then won Innovator of the Year at the International Gaming Awards. For Microgaming, those early successes were able to help the developer forget about the failed experiment that was smartwatch casinos.

A couple of weeks later, Microgaming was in attendance at the Ice Totally Gaming awards during February 2016. At the ceremony, Microgaming continued to build interest in its VR casino development by demoing a roulette game for the crowd.

As part of the showmanship, Microgaming hosted its VR roulette demo in a futuristic CRYO Lab, where players would wear an Oculus Rift before entering a truly immersive world of online casino gaming.

Will VR Casino Games Take Off?

The Microgaming VR roulette demo takes place out in the universe, with the player sitting at a table hosted by a robot. By all accounts, the demo as mind-blowing, but what are the chances that this technology will become common place?

  • Technology costs: The first bring up is the cost, as Microgaming uses the expensive Oculus Rift as the means of play. These will cost several hundred pounds and will also require players to have a state-of-the-art PC. Ultimately, VR casino games will be a niche market while the technology remains expensive.
  • Development challenges: Microgaming is one of the wealthiest and most successful developers on the face of the planet and can afford to invest in VR development. However, smaller firms could struggle to cover the costs, and the risk could result in some going bankrupt.
  • Live becomes truly immersive: At this stage, live dealer games are highly impressive in their ability to give players real-world casino experiences in their own home. However, VR has the ability to take this to a truly immersive level by letting players see each other sitting at the tables of VR casino games like blackjack or roulette.
  • Player responsibility: VR video games already come with a warning that players need regular breaks to stay in the right frame of mind. Casino sites will need to make sure players are looked after and don’t lose track of their wagering from playing in a VR realm.

Virtual reality headsets are much more exciting than taking the humble wristwatch and trying to transform it into an extension of a smartphone. As a result, VR casino sites have much greater potential for the future.

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