Microgaming on Android

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Microgaming is probably the world’s top online casino game provider, although there is strong competition and varied styles from studios such as Net|Ent, Playtech and IGT. That’s great news for us players!

A Proven Approach

Microgaming has pioneered a particular strategy intended to ensure widespread appeal for its games. It has to do with simply integrating popular blockbuster film and TV themes, which provide the visual interest, with its proven online slot and game technology.

The next and most current push for Microgaming is its Arcade inspired line of slots, starting with Max Damage. Although on first glance this game may seem tempting to children, it is presumably designed for the 30-something set who grew up playing classic arcade ‘video games’ like Space Invaders. It’s like Space Invaders in the 21st century, for adults, as a slot machine! Other titles will follow.

Top Casinos Featuring Microgaming

Until recently, Microgaming was pretty much everywhere in the online casino world, including mobile sites. Now, we are seeing the trend of casinos licensing games from more than one vendor. Microgaming faces competition inside the casinos rather than at the level of sales and marketing on the open market. This may change Microgaming’s tact (especially with Net|Ent spearheading the 3D-animated film look for their games).

Let’s go over the top five online casinos where you can play these amazing games.

  • MrGreen – This is one of the most advanced and artsy casino websites, and it hosts over 200 games. Microgaming is a featured supplier — and MrGreen’s slick user-voting means you can actually see how popular Microgaming’s titles are! You can play in-the-browser with Android. [Full Review]
  • GoWild – Here get a big £1000 welcome bonus scheme, plus full Android compatibility (and every other system as well). Microgaming are the ‘most popular mobile casino games’ (TombRaider, Thuderstruck, Mega Moolah, Mermaids Millions, to be exact. [Full Review]
  • AllSlots – It is not all slots at this major online casino, yet it is again Microgaming powering all the slot and casino action. AllSlots goes so far as to provide a video tutorial about how to claim your £5000 in yearly welcome bonuses and start playing. Android is fully supported. [Full Review]
  • WildJack – If you want a very simple online casino that is focused upon your 2G phones as well as your smartphones and tablets then WJ is your spot. Microgaming sweeps the top honours at this site, no matter which device you may be using. [Full Review]
  • Virgin – If you have been disappointed by Virgin’s promotions or game selection in the past, then you should take another look because it’s very different now in both areas. Android, of course, is fully supported. Here, like MrGreen, you see a selection of Microgaming titles amongst other sources.  [Full Review]

Microgaming will continue to have its household-name traction in online casino entertainment, and in fact we will begin to appreciate the company’s games and unique style more and more as competitors with contrasting approaches show up alongside them.