Video Poker for Android

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In this day and age there’s a variety of places that you can go to gamble away that expendable income.

Online websites tend to be the main choice as why bother treking all the way into a casino in your best shirt and shoes when you can sit at home in your pants and least tea stained T- shirt, clicking away on a browser game.

Games such as Bingo, slots and the most popular of all, Video Poker. But what is a video poker game I hear you ask?

Well basically it’s poker but on a web browser or large machine if you venture out to a casino.

There are a lot of similarities to an ordinary poker match in these machines, you have the option to Hold, discard and draw cards, and five cards are dealt out per hand from a randomly shuffled deck of 52.

All the games are programmed to act like you’re playing an ordinary Poker match, so players can still win with rare hands like a Royal Flush.

The difference between ordinary poker and virtual poker however is that whilst ordinary poker relies on the skill and wit of the player to bluff against other people at the table, Video poker is purely a game of odds as players play to get a hand that appears on the paytable of the screen.

The majority of these games tend to play a variation of Jacks or better, occasionally there are those that play different games such as Deuces wild, where all 2’s are designated as wilds and the minimum winning hand is three of a kind.

A good tip for video poker is to go in understanding how poker works, knowledge is key to anticipating what hands you could get. Also if you have a potential straight, go for it, don’t try for a flush as they’re a lot rarer.

Stick to simpler hands as you can slowly build up your winnings rather than having one big blow out.

Because of their popularity, there are hundreds of Video poker games, one such example is the incredibly popular Joker Poker on

Developed by Playtech, Joker Poker is a video poker classic, based on a five card draw poker game where success is based on the strength of the player’s hand.

Players can bet as low as 0.05 cents or as high as $5. Clicking ‘Bet One’ will bet one line on the pay table, clicking it again will move you up a line and show you what kind of return you’ll have should you get a hand

For example Four of a kind will get you 17 no the first line, 14 on the second, 21 on the third, 28 on the fourth and finally 35 on the fifth. Bet max puts the bet on the final line and if you manage to get a natural royal flush whilst on the final line you’ll net yourself a colossal 5000

To try and improve your current hand, simply click a card to keep it in the ‘Hold’ position for the next hand. In this game the Joker is wild and substitutes for missing cards allowing you to use it in any hand.

To win you need at least two pairs instead of the standard one.

There’s also a double bonus mode where you can gamble your winnings from any hand you’ve won, potentially doubling your money.

Simple designed cards and a colourful site showing the jester himself brandishing a hand of cards promotes an overall jolly and friendly atmosphere to Joker Poker. It’s a pleasant and simple card game that will keep you entertained for hours on end as you try to win big from the colourful clown.

Or if playing video poker on a website or machine isn’t your thing, then why not try using an app to play Video poker on your mobile.

It’s available on iphone and iPad at the apple app store here: –

Or if you don’t have either, don’t worry because you can also get video poker on android devices on the Google Play store.

So sign up now and get to practicing your best poker face, as you just may win big. Check out Android game compatibility here