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First off, Nevada was the first state to make a move towards the legalisation of online gambling.  They legalised online poker to Nevada players in 2013, and the state has since legalised all other forms of online gambling.  With current attitudes to gambling evolving so fast, this could make a massive change in the legal status across the United States.  Will other states continue to follow suit and relax their laws towards online gambling.  For congress, tax revenues are the major drivers, and the potential income is acting as quite a persuasive force.

Legal Status

After the legalisation of online poker in 2013, we saw the first online poker site launched on 30th April 2013.  However, gambling is only allowed within state borders.  Inter-state gambling has not yet been launched, but it is entirely possible with the trend of legalising online gambling sweeping across the United States.  This means that a New Jersey resident would not be allowed to go to New York and access their mobile casino account.  Nevada mobile casinos currently only offer poker games, but it is expected that they will open it up to allow a broader range of online games in the near future, like New Jersey and Delaware have done in the past year.

Sites Accepting New Jersey Players

The only sites which allow players from NV to sign up are those which offer poker.  At present, all other gambling games are still not allowed.  We will list some of the sites which you can play at if you are looking for online poker at a Las Vegas Nevada mobile casino.

Carbon Poker – Carbon Poker has grown rapidly over the past few years to become a real contender in the global online casino market.  This site has been one of the first online casino sites to open its poker doors up to players in the newly legal Nevada.  This is opportunistic and will allow them to capitalise as much as possible on the new legislation.

Bovada Casino – Bovada is a stylish online casino which is relatively unknown on the global scale.  However, the site appears to offer a comprehensive range of products and allows their players to access sports bets, casino games and poker.  However, the only area of the site which NV players will be able to access is the poker section

Bet Online – This site has a particularly uninventive name, and the site is relatively bland.  It is certainly not very recognised globally, and the name of the site might be a contributing factor.  However, the site does allow Nevada mobile casino players to access poker games from the comfort of their own homes.

Welcome Bonuses

With so many sites at which players can play online casino games or poker games, there is a level of competition within the market like never before.  For this reason, we are seeing a lot more generous welcome deals on offer, including both deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses.  We are seeing more casinos offering a bonus before players even make a deposit, in the hope that they will enjoy their experience enough to go on to make a deposit.

The Registration Process

Because of the differing attitudes towards online gambling across the United States, it is necessary for online and mobile casinos to check the geographic location of a player before allowing them to create an account.   If a player is in a prohibited state and attempts to register a new account at a mobile casino, they will receive an error message denying them from joining the site.  Sites use the IP address of the registering player to identify their geographical location.  If the site finds out that the player is out with Nevada, New Jersey or Delaware, they will simply be denied entry.

Players Experiencing Difficulty

There have been a number of reports of players experiencing difficulties with their accounts.  To an extent, this is to be expected as the online casinos are implementing quite a major transition.  There have been reports of players complaining about not being able to access their accounts, even though they are with Nevada, where online poker sites are legal.  One player told how he was disconnected from his account every few hours.  Can you think of the frustration of being disconnected from a big poker game near to the end?

Banking Options

The NV poker sites provide their players with a range of different options for depositing and withdrawing cash, ensuring that there is something convenient for all players.

Carbon Poker – Being the biggest site in the list, Carbon Poker offers quite an impressive range of options.  As well as accepting most standard credit and debit cards,  Carbon Poker allows players to deposit using Skrill Moneybookers for enhanced security levels.

Bovada – The banking options provided by Bovada are a lot more limited.  For depositing, players can sue standard credit cards or use a bank transfer.  When withdrawing, players can either use a rapid transfer of check.  It is a shame that the site does not support any enhanced security payment methods.

Bet Online – Bet Online have definitely recognised the importance of providing players with the utmost convenience when depositing money and have supported a whole range of banking options.  Players can deposit using credit or debit cards as well as a number of advanced payment methods.  We would strongly recommend that you take advantage of the e-wallet process, such as PayPal and Neteller, and the likelihood that you will experience any problems will be significantly reduced.


With poker being the only legal mobile casino game in Nevada at the moment, things are still subject to change.  It is likely that other online casino games will be legalised on Nevada mobile casinos in the upcoming months.  However, for the meantime, why not try out one of our suggested sites.  Each one of them offers a high quality gaming experience, but we would have to recommend Carbon Poker.  The site boasts large player numbers, has an attractive and easy to use site and hosts loads of regular poker games.