Pocket Fruity

Pocket Fruity

In an age when only a few smartphone game companies are producing mass-audience slot apps for a countless array of new and older online casinos — Pocket Fruity stands quite apart.

They Make Their Own Games

Only a handful of online casinos, if that, actually make their own games and PocketFruity (the design wing is called AlchemyBet) is one of them. Also, this group does not license out its titles elsewhere. If you are tired of seeing the very same games at various casinos (each with its own logo pasted on) then you’ll love the uniqueness of www.pocketfruity.com.

There is too much repetition out there, not enough originality. PocketFruity.com is staking its place amongst the giant casinos by appealing to our love of all things fresh (fruity!) and original.

Compatibility Solved Once and for All

Another big advantage of signing up with PocketFruity — especially for us Android users — has to do with the current transition (in its early stages) of doing away with free casino apps entirely.

The move is toward games you play inside the browser window instead of as a native app, and this is exactly how PocketFruity assures us about OS compatibility. Since you play by simply signing into its website, there are no downloading or updating hassles, nor are there worries about compatibility with your phone or tablet.

Bonus Money

Let’s run through the bonuses before turning to the unique games that are on offer. The welcome package is slightly above average amongst most online slot venues:

  • Up to £50 at 100% cash-match on top of your first deposit.*
  • When you are an active player you stand a chance to be selected as a VIP member for ‘lots of special benefits!’

* TIP: You must use a credit or debit card (instead of pay-by-phone) to receive this cash-match bonus.

All those benefits are pretty standard nowadays. A side-benefit is pocketfruity.com, the website itself. In bold black, with big-big bouncing buttons, obviously it is squarely designed for mobile users like us. Everything is high-contrast, zany and fun here — a guaranteed mood-lifter!

Pocket FruityGet 100% Welcome Bonus!

Never-Ending Interest

Probably the best unique thing about the slots at Pocket Fruity have to do with ‘social gaming’, and the only other big site that comes to mind with these features is Zynga. In the case of PocketFruity, the social aspect comes in the form of unlocking games as you play more and more.

Usually, as with Zynga, this game-levels design is combined with friending and gifting in a social network setting. At Pocket Fruity it is even simpler. You don’t have to create a profile and so on. Perhaps this will be made available as PF grows.

Well we think that the PocketFruity mobile casino is well worth your time, and its cheery youthful appeal will almost surely make you giggle! Be sure to watch their funny advert online, then follow the blog and social media to get better deals.