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Basically, in all matters regarding your use of this site, including the event that you should ever submit information to this site, we’re on your side concerning protecting that data.

We may use cookies to track your browsing on, however, we would do so only to improve your experience by serving you more relevant content.

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We do not sell user information or email addresses to outside marketers.

There are various levels of protection at work to safeguard the data of this site, including:

  • Properly maintained servers and equipment are used, heavily encrypted, with restricted physical access.
  • Our organizational practices make internal data snooping or violations impossible.
  • The most advanced SSL connections are used in all critical data transmissions.

Another thing to keep in mind is that although we strive to respect all copyrights, we cannot claim or guarantee that all materials that may appear here (including guest posts or from marketing partners) do not violent the copyrights of others. You should be aware that many registered or trademarked images and content do feature on this site along with our original content, all of which is protected by law.

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Privacy and personal online security are very big topics these days. Huge sites and institutions are violated through their information networks every hour. People are routinely victimized by advanced e-criminals and even rogue nations. It’s a brave new world, in which it’s everyone’s personal responsibility to keep safe online. Governments cannot possibly fight all Internet crimes.

That’s why harps on issues of safety while playing online casinos, mainly a safety achieved by shielding your full identity during payment transactions and submitting a minimum of personal details in general.

Since it is fairly impossible to list and foresee every situation that involves privacy in which we have taken precautions to protect users, we will say more simply that we do not tolerate sloppy security and we make it the top priority to keep the community surrounding as safe as possible.

This ethos guides our decisions in all matters regarding any new technology we may add, new services, new forms of interaction with users, and so forth.

Our policies concerning privacy may change at any time, for the better, and so please revisit this page to keep abreast of those updates.

Thank you for your time.