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Throughout the past few years, the way we approach playing gambling games has shifted considerably. During the nineties, we had to physically visit a bookmaker or a casino in order to play casino games. The introduction of the internet and online gambling changed this significantly, as players were now able to place their sports bets online, or sit at virtual blackjack and roulette tables. No longer did players actually have to leave their homes to place a bet. This convenience was extended with the launch of smartphones and consequently, mobile casinos. The surge in the prominence of mobile casinos has allowed players to place a bet, wherever they are. Coupled with the rise in smartphone use and mobile casinos was the rise of social media and consequently, social gaming.

An area of social gaming which has been consistently rising in popularity is social casinos. And with the rising use of smartphones, we are now seeing many mobile social casino apps. Being able to play on social casinos on mobile allows players to experience the thrill of casino betting from their mobile, but without running the risk of losing any money! At present, these casinos are ‘for-fun’, meaning that players cannot actually gamble any money. Instead, players must compete to unlock achievements and complete the various challenges. Players are then usually rewarded by earning game credits, unlocking customisations and opening up additional levels. One thing about these ‘just-for fun’ social casinos is that they are all relatively similar.

Because there has been far much less money invested in social casino games than real cash casino games up until now, the quality of real-money games are far superior. Real casinos have massive selections of very well-designed games, a quality which cannot be boasted by social casinos. Most social casinos, such as Big Fish Casino, have a very similar selection of games, including a social blackjack, roulette, poker and some slot games. Slots Friendzy, however, has a selection of slots which definitely makes you have a second look. It appears as if this social casino has teamed up with Jackpot Joy, the leading online bingo site. Slots Friendzy has a number of the slot games which you would see on Jackpot Joy’s website. The most notable of the slots titles on offer at include Tiki Island and Double Bubble.

It is completely obvious from the moment you visit sites such as Slots Friendzy or Big Fish Casino that there is no real money gambling involved. There is no sign of deposit bonuses

or jackpot amounts on the homepage, which is usually a tell-tale sign that it is a real- money casino. It is really important that people can quickly distinguish between a play- money and a real-money casino, especially when it comes to minors. If minors end up accidentaly stumbling across a real-money casino, they could end up creating a free account, and starting a bad gambling habit from a young age. Especially with all of the no-deposit bonuses which are available at many online casinos, minors can start playing on these sites with very little verification. No-deposit bonuses are granted to players before they even enter their bank details to a site (which acts as the verification method which ensures players are of legal age to gamble).

Social casinos in general may be a bad influence on minors. They allow children to become familiarised with these casino games, preparing them to start playing for real-money when they are of age. The question we must ask is whether this will contribute towards a future generation of problem gamblers, or whether younger players will see these as just a fun free game.