The Future of Casino Rewards

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From the advent of the online casino industry, there have been more than two decades where sites rewarded players with a VIP system that remained largely unchanged until this day. In the wake of fresh innovations, will there ever come a time when the casino rewards bonus system will undergo widespread transformation?

Kaboo Casino Bringing Change

In the present, there has already been a major change, albeit on the small scale. When it launched in 2015, Kaboo Casino exuded a distinct sci-fi style in its visuals, but the image ran much deeper, touching the core of the site’s wider philosophy.

Kaboo Missions

After challenging players to take on missions, some might have been surprised to learn that Kaboo genuinely wanted them to do so. Quite simply, each new player who signs up with the site is automatically entered for Kaboo Missions that reward them for their achievements.

Rather than dangle long-term rewards in front of players, Kaboo employs a much quicker approach in which players also experience a role-playing element in what they do. As such, this can form a deeper connection because players can identify a more quality-driven casino VIP experience than they would normally encounter.

Mission Rewards

As an example of what to expect, a player might be challenged to complete his current mission by fulfilling a wagering challenge that monitors the winnings they generate. For those who complete it, they are provided with free spins, which are obtained after converting echoes, which fit within the wider sci-fi image of the site.

Kaboo further draws on sci-fi elements by using the moniker of “One” in its communications. From the beginning, players are promised rewards for “Becoming the One”. First, however, they are provided with a £200 welcome package and 105 echoes (free spins) before they have to complete any challenges.

The Potential of RPG

Role-playing games (RPGs) used to be a niche within computer gaming, but the transition of this entertainment format into the mainstream means that even football fans and Call of Duty players can appreciate experience points (XPs), which are used to level up characters.

Thus far, only a couple of online casinos have used XPs, but they have integrated them in a character-driven system that forms a more connected gaming environment for players. Fundamentally, these sites are usually more generous for their bonuses, free spins, and wagering requirements, so there is every reason for players to trust the system.

Casino Reward Schemes Need to Evolve

On the whole, Casino rewards have not been innovative for quite some time now, with a number of operators adopting too much of a long-term approach. Now, while this can work for industry-leaders that have enormous built-in audiences and major resources, the midlevel casinos are at risk of irking players.

Moving forward, casino operators need to show more creativity. Kaboo was already an award-winning casino after little over a year of operation, and the biggest innovation made by the site was to create a player-driven casino reward scheme with a more immediate focus. This is proof alone that innovation does not need to be grand to benefit players.