There is space for many different approaches to online casino action. We should not equate the biggest, slickest, most-branded sites with either being the best or the safest, necessarily.

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Like a Local Casino

That’s where a homegrown yet long-running casino like comes into the picture. ‘Vera and John’s’ caters to the un-pretentious set, who love to play online Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, slots and so forth.

V&J is a bright, jovial youthful-looking site for anybody, probably not for those putting on airs. There is plenty of helpful assistance available in every nook and cranny, from live chat help to a page on the history of casinos.

‘Compatibility’ Issues, Good Bye!

We all hate to load up our Android phone or tablet with apps that hog our memory, try our patience, demand updates and generally go wonky. Fortunately, we have come to the end of the era in which apps rule — we have a choice now. In 2013 we’ll find it increasingly easy to play casinos right inside the Web-browser window. No apps!

VeraJohn is accessible to all Android gaming devices in this fashion, in keeping with the current state-of-the-art, if you like. Isn’t it nice that we no longer have to discuss the compatibility issues or update problems of casino apps!

Hand-Picked Games

Great, so what can we play at VeraJohn? It may not be huge and glitzy, folks, but this quirky, cozy mobile casino gives you one of the best (if not the best) selections of games on the Web. The reason is that over the years they have picked up multiple game vendors, so they could pick and chose the best titles to host.

If you think about it, game quality and game selection should be the top priority for us gamblers. Serious Roulette and slots players even go so far as to research the odds and payout percentages of various game titles. When playing at a casino that hosts only one brand of game, like Playtech or IGT, a player is stuck with certain odds built-in.

Welcome Package

But at, much to the delight of light and serious gamblers alike, there five different systems each with differing payout rates (but don’t worry, they’re all favourable). If that’s not enough of a warm welcome, here’s a wrap up of the bonus package:

  • First-deposit bonus of 100%, max £500.
  • Bonuses distributed copiously all the time.
  • 300 games from 5 casino-game vendors.
  • You can create private rooms with friends.

Lastly, we want to ease your mind that verajohn is as trustworthy as the big boys. Alternatives to using your credit cards are offered, in plenty. You will be as safe as you care to help yourself to be here (i.e., use one of these anonymous payment methods, folks!).

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